Gal Pal Group Coaching

Course description

This course is for first time female travellers, who want to travel solo or with friends. 

4 week programme that consists of 1 hour coaching with q&a's

What you'll learn in the sessions...

How to know where and when to go travelling

How to be a solo traveller

How to travel and what type of traveller you are

How to budget for a trip

Tips and tricks to getting the best experience.

Jo Moore

Jo Moore

Founder - Gal Pal Academy

Hey GALS, I’m Jo Moore the Founder of Gal Pal Academy. I love to travel and have SO much travel experience, including; backpacking solo around the world, travelling to over 30 countries and living in Australia, Germany and the UK!

I have so much info, knowledge and experience that I want to share with you, that I could actually burst with excitement!

I would love for you to join Gal Pal Academy and let us be a part of your travel adventure.

Jo xx

Course Contents

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